this update includes improvements you might not notice


A recent app update on my phone helpfully informed me of this.

My first thought was, “Well why have you bothered?”  But then I reasoned that improvements behind the scenes might benefit me even though I don’t see them.  It does however seem like a request for the developers to be acknowledged, even though you don’t know what they did?  Maybe they did nothing? But then maybe we are excited that we have new features even though we don’t know what they are?

Perhaps the same is true of us?  Human beings?

Each of us striving to improve in some way.  Each of us maturing through experience and living life. Those small incremental shifts often not noticed by those around us.  Sometimes not even noticed by us perhaps?

What if each time we learned, progressed, changed in some way we launched a new version of ourselves with a summary of the changes?  For example, ‘this version contains a fix to that annoying behaviour’? Or ‘now with more aching joints’, or ‘tinted on top to avoid greyness’?

Or, ‘now with improvements you might not notice (straight away)’?

Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash