about this quest

Hello. I created this website to explore being human.

For more than a decade now I have been curious about our lack of awareness of how we work, as human beings.

I don’t mean the way we occupy ourselves and earn a living, I mean the way we think, how we recall past memories, imagine possible futures; why certain images or voices appear in our heads.  How we create our map of the world, our internal rules of right and wrong, the thoughts that motivate us and the thoughts that limit us and our potential. How behaviour is constructed, where in the brain that happens and why that makes changing it difficult sometimes. Our sense of connection and closeness to others in our unconscious map and what draws us to some people and not to others. Our relationship to the past, present and future in our thoughts and in our consciousness. And much more…

I wonder why our education system teaches our kids knowledge and facts about the world, its history, the workings of the things in it, how to read, write, speak and add up. It tells them little, if anything, about how they work as human beings – how to manage their feelings, understand their thoughts, be self aware, relate to people, change their behaviour…  In fact, they are told to stop behaving like that and behave like this, rather than be curious about why they behave that way.

Organisations are no better. Training is often dominated by skills – how to do things and what behaviours are expected. Training tells the employee how to follow corporate rules and avoid risk. I can put out a fire with the right extinguisher, but not understand where my motivation went this week, or why that colleague irritates me and how I can change that.

It seems to me we have become slaves to our programming, our way of being that emerged during our early years; our story. In this way, we deny ourselves so much choice, possibility and human potential. As a result many of us wander around stuck in past memories, frozen in repeating (unwanted) behaviours, frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy. With fresh understanding comes choice, change, hope, freedom, happiness…

I hope you find something useful.  I hope you find what you’re looking for.  I hope you find yourself.

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