I work with people one to one; people seeking to understand their truth and to find freedom, happiness, hope, fulfilment, success or peace.  Sometimes they are seeking meaning – who are they and what will their legacy be?  Sometimes they simply feel stuck, overwhelmed or are lacking in confidence.

I have been coaching for fifteen years and my passion is developmental and transformational coaching. Coaching can usefully focus on modification of your skills and behaviours – what you can perform or do in action. Developmental coaching looks deeper – at meaning. It explores what you value, what you believe, and even your sense of who you are. These are the often invisible barriers to shining your light, to maximising your potential, to peace or happiness. They can explain why you fly and why you sometimes get stuck. Transformational coaching can go even deeper, exploring your authentic sense of self, your identity, your purpose and life direction.

I take a systemic, client centred approach and encourage my clients to work physically as well cognitively. Working with me will challenge you to see new connections, new patterns, new possibilities and to discover new ways of moving forward. You will discover a little more about yourself. You will be heard, respected, supported yet often challenged.

If you are curious about your possibilities, please check out coaching and my other services here and contact me, for a no obligation, no charge, initial meeting.

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