Sale bargain, or are you losing out?

time value

At this time of year it is traditional to shop. The sales are on. It’s customary to scour the high street for bargains. To surf the online super highway for money off deals. We like getting something for nothing it seems; or maybe it’s the sense that we have outdone our fellow shoppers, beaten them to the bargain?

The irony is we can spend a lot of time looking for the deals. Some even queue. For hours. I wonder if we put a price on our time and, if we do, is the deal as worthwhile?

What’s an hour worth to you?
How would you judge?
Your hourly pay rate?

If you live to 75 years, you have a total of around 650,000 hours in your life.

What’s an hour worth to you now?

Is that deal still a bargain now?