jam today, jam tomorrow


There must be few things in this world as pointless and frustrating as sitting in a car stationary on a motorway. A traffic jam.

You’re in a mode of transport designed to move you from A to B. You want to get somewhere, probably in a certain time frame. You’re late. You don’t know why you are stuck. You don’t know how long you will be stuck. You are completely powerless; unable to move forward, backwards or even to get out and walk. Your very stuckness causes you to focus on your stuckness and hence get irritated, bored or into some other less than useful state.

All you can do is stay stuck.

Yet in life, we often get into the same situation in our thinking. We can’t see a way forwards or backwards. Stuck in a pattern of thinking.

Or we get stuck in our automatic behavioural response. All we can do is repeat what we’ve always done, like a Groundhog Day loop. Stuck in a pattern of being or doing.

Somehow though this human stuckness is less noticeable than the motorised stuckness. Even though we might be stuck for years. We might never move forward, or turn onto a different route.

And there isn’t even a radio to listen to.

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