flat out



The picture on this post appears to show a path. The grass has been mown and so I can deduce it is a path. It seems to lead between two banks, heading into the countryside, and seems to be relatively flat. It could perhaps be anywhere?

However, if I walk maybe fifteen paces along the path and turn around, then this is the picture I see…


The path now seems steep not flat, as in a few paces I have reached the height of the roof of a rather splendid house. I now have a context and can place the path in the garden of a fine country house. There are other people around.

Changing perspective often reveals something previously hidden. It challenges assumptions made from the original place. It provides context, information, awareness.

You can do this by standing in someone else’s shoes; seeing things from their point of view.

You can also do this for yourself. Notice your feelings and thinking about a present situation, then move to look at the place where you had that thinking and felt those feelings.

See what changes from this new perspective.


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