the start of a trip around the sun


I celebrated a birthday recently.

As age envelops me, I become increasingly cognisant of its consequences. My body less responsive than I would like; for example, simply sitting on the floor ultimately concludes with the stiffly stretching movements, punctuated by oohs and aahs, returning me to an erect position. My eyes demand assistance if they are to focus on things held close to me. I forget why I’ve entered a room or where I’ve put my keys. Characterful wrinkles, a testimony to my life of smiling, grimacing, speaking and being. My hair greyed. We have aging parents.

My daughter gave me a birthday card, and in it penned…

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day trip around the sun.

Enjoy the trip

The thought of the adventure lifted me. What a journey to contemplate.

Age won’t prevent me from setting off, enjoying the trip, the experiences, the learning, the views, the feelings, the thrill. Bring it on.

Age doesn’t change your outlook, your perspective… unless you let it.

I’m off to dance with a giraffe

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