big voice, little voices

When you’re thinking. When you’re wrestling with a dilemma. When you’re deciding. When you’re not deciding…

… what do the little voices say?

Often we have a big voice. The story we tell ourselves over and over. The loud voice. The constant voice. Maybe our inner critic. Maybe the voice of a parent, a teacher, a younger you. This is the dominant voice. The shouty voice. The “I told you so” voice. The voice that repeats what we believe. What we’ve heard before. Like the underlying beat of the song. The repeating chorus.

But what of the little voices?

What of the hushed whispers? The silent alternatives. The voices we barely hear. Those we discard as irrelevant; as background hum? What of the child-like innocent voices? What of those  balancing perspectives – the ones we choose to ignore? The voices that maybe represent another belief? Those that speak for a wiser you, an unwounded you, a more rounded you?

In a choir there are many voices.

Listen only to the loud lead singer and you miss the subtlety of the song. The richness of the harmony.

Listen to the wisdom of the quiet voices. They hold the real truth. They speak a message you have ignored, a message you have dismissed. Listen and your thoughts will have depth, consonance and awareness.

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