living life in a train cupboard

Sometimes, we’re ingenious.

I spent the night and all day yesterday in a cupboard.

I shared my cupboard too. So not technically mine, more ours.

In our cupboard, which is six foot by three foot, we have two beds, two armchairs, a table with integrated chess board, two cup holders, a flushing toilet, a sink with three taps, liquid soap, face flannels, mirror, air conditioning and thermostat, a five foot window with curtains, a sound system, power sockets, a storage shelf, a ‘trash’ can, another storage shelf, a rail with hangers, five lights and no fewer than nine light switches.

Most cupboards are lucky to get one – light switch.

Welcome to Amtrak and their viewliner roomette. Our home for 23 hours. The best cupboard ever.

It’s cleverly designed to fit a lot into a small space. Through our sliding door and adjacent window (also with curtains), across the corridor, is another cupboard home for two fellow travellers. Twelve cupboard homes per train carriage.

Typically, we don’t pack that much into our lives. We don’t design things so ingeniously. We don’t make a lot fit into who we are, so that we can be authentic and true within the confines of self; authentically us, but equally expansive, broad, learning, growing, experiencing, maximising life.

Being our absolute best version of us, ever.

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