the search for lost things

I’ve lost my job.

I’ve looked in all the usual places … gone through my trouser pockets, scanned the mantelpiece, looked under the car seat, been through the ‘man drawer’, checked the bedside table, looked on the kitchen shelf where the important stuff resides.  I’ve methodically been through my jackets, looked down the back of the sofa, searched behind the fridge where things have a habit of falling. I’ve shaken some boxes at the back of the garage. I’ve asked my wife to go through her handbag, I’ve re-traced my steps around the house, drive and garden, I’ve looked on the table in the hall and felt the lining of my coat.

No joy.

Strange we say we’ve ‘lost a job’. Like we’ve lost a pen, or our car keys or our favourite sunglasses.

Actually I haven’t lost my job at all. It wasn’t ever mine really.  Not mine to lose.

The reality is that my employer decided to reorganise the work which constituted the role I was paid to do.  Some work was stopped, some new work added and the way in which my former employer set out to carry out that work no longer included a package of work previously called ‘my job’.  I haven’t lost it, the organisation has removed it.

Time to find another path, another ‘thing’ to occupy my time, feed my interests and my family.

So where do I look? Not under the car seat seemingly. Not in my coat lining. More a case of looking inside? Under my skin, in my gut or in my heart perhaps?  Searching there is not as straightforward though as looking behind the fridge or in the loft.

A search more rewarding perhaps?

So, it turns out, the removal of my job isn’t a loss, it’s a gift. An opportunity. A chance to reconnect with what matters to me. A chance to get closer to myself. A chance to be more me.

Maybe having a job all this time has been masking the true loss – the (temporary) loss of my connection to self? A temporary blindness to what drives me and why I am here.

Well I’ve found that again now, so all is good.

would you step through?


If there was a doorway. And through that doorway was a world where something you desire, was true. Would you step through?

What if you knew you would never be able to come back? There was a risk you would lose some things you currently have. A chance they would be absent, or different, on the other side. There would be many unknowns, through the door.

But the promise of something you long for too. A deep longing.

Would you step through the door? Would you take the risk? The chance to gain a deep desire, but with the risk of losing some things you value on this side? Would you take a chance? Would the excitement of the possibility draw you in? Would the call of the longing be too great to resist? Or would the potential loss, the fear of the unknown keep you this side?

The red pill or the blue pill?

A fabricated reality or the reality of truth?

Which is which side?

Risk or safety? Unknown or known? Heart or head?

Would you step through?


if you think you planned this, think again…


Our life is governed by happenstance.

The parents we were born to. The country we were born in. The society and culture not just of our country, but our community – city, village, countryside. The siblings we grew up with. The location we lived in, which determined the school we went to. The people we met and befriended on that first day. The teacher we had. The kids who lived in our street and we played with. The party that we so nearly didn’t go to, but where we met our first girlfriend/ boyfriend. The friends who moved away and those who didn’t. The college / university we nearly didn’t choose. The rooms in the halls of residence we were assigned. The flat mates who became lifelong friends. The modules we chose and those who chose them too. The holidays we experienced. The tragedies we witnessed. The joys we embraced. The job applications we got interviews for. The career we fell in to. The soulmate we met. The people we sit next to. The colleagues our work introduces us to. The offer on the house that got accepted. The neighbours we have. The choices life offers us. The priorities life places upon us. The love we feel. The pain we cope with. The hope we hold. The happiness we seek.

Every happenstance changes our life path.

Human Beings are very resourceful. Our ability to adapt, to make agile choices in the moment is unparalleled. Our capacity to face adversity and to be resilient in spite of happenstance is amazing.

Interesting therefore that in organisations we try so hard to plan change?

Much in our lives is governed by happenstance and yet we still remain in control, make positive choice, survive and even thrive. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of that?

Perhaps we should be more curious about what makes that possible for us as unique individuals? Why at times it is easier and at times it is harder? How we might be more resourceful more of the time?