if you think you planned this, think again…


Our life is governed by happenstance.

The parents we were born to. The country we were born in. The society and culture not just of our country, but our community – city, village, countryside. The siblings we grew up with. The location we lived in, which determined the school we went to. The people we met and befriended on that first day. The teacher we had. The kids who lived in our street and we played with. The party that we so nearly didn’t go to, but where we met our first girlfriend/ boyfriend. The friends who moved away and those who didn’t. The college / university we nearly didn’t choose. The rooms in the halls of residence we were assigned. The flat mates who became lifelong friends. The modules we chose and those who chose them too. The holidays we experienced. The tragedies we witnessed. The joys we embraced. The job applications we got interviews for. The career we fell in to. The soulmate we met. The people we sit next to. The colleagues our work introduces us to. The offer on the house that got accepted. The neighbours we have. The choices life offers us. The priorities life places upon us. The love we feel. The pain we cope with. The hope we hold. The happiness we seek.

Every happenstance changes our life path.

Human Beings are very resourceful. Our ability to adapt, to make agile choices in the moment is unparalleled. Our capacity to face adversity and to be resilient in spite of happenstance is amazing.

Interesting therefore that in organisations we try so hard to plan change?

Much in our lives is governed by happenstance and yet we still remain in control, make positive choice, survive and even thrive. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of that?

Perhaps we should be more curious about what makes that possible for us as unique individuals? Why at times it is easier and at times it is harder? How we might be more resourceful more of the time?


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