auto pilot takes me the wrong way

be here now

I’ve moved desk over the weekend.  We have had an office re-organisation and one result is I now have a different desk position in the office.

Today I have been confused. I have entered through the wrong door, headed for the wrong part of the office, gone the wrong way for the toilet. Several times. I have been, and seemingly continue to be, befuddled.

I haven’t lost my ability to think. I still know where doors and facilities are. I can still see. Yet I keep going wrong. Ending up in the wrong place. Going the wrong way.

It serves to demonstrate how much we do on auto pilot. Without thinking; without conscious thought at least. We just set off. Our heads filled with other non geographic, navigational stuff. Thinking instead about what we will do when we arrive, or about something we mustn’t forget.

I’m sure I’ll re-calibrate. Might take a day or two. Eventually though, a new autopilot route will have been programmed. I will be free again to wander without thought, arriving at my destination with no need to engage brain or use up some of my thinking bandwidth.

Life can be like that.  Something we take for granted changes and we are momentarily discombobulated. That which needed no thought, now requires some – for us to even function. These changes aren’t always physical; about our surroundings. They can be emotional too. A new emotion emerges. An unfamiliar one. Just like a new desk position, we need to adjust. Take note. Become familiar.

That way we stay flying.

Turn off autopilot and live with presence.
Live with attention.
Live with intention.

are you intent?


As 2016 approaches, you may be contemplating what the new year will bring.

Setting goals for ourselves is commonplace at this time. Custom has it that we set out to kick a habit, to lose weight, to set a sizeable, but theoretically achievable, objective. To resolve to make a change.

But what if instead we set an intent? A daily intent?

For example, today my intent is to laugh.
Today my intent is to take time to reflect.
Today my intent is to do something kind for a stranger.
Today my intent is to learn.
Today my intent is to get to know someone new.

Try it. It may surprise you. Just by setting your intent, your unconscious seems to direct you to fulfil it.

Live life daily.