inside out


I’m lucky to sit by a window at work.

If you could look in through a window, or out through a window … which would you choose?

Sometimes just looking out helps me to think, to ground myself, to re-connect with myself and what’s needed.

There is something thought provoking, inspiring, wondrous about the simple things that one can see outside.  Lichen nestling in the crevice of a branch, birds perching and then launching, clouds changing form as they slip silently across the sky, an aeroplane carrying people to the other side of the world, rain cascading down a drain pulling dust, dirt, and the flotsam of nature with it, shadow playing lightly on the grass.

Life. Living in action.

Even if your vista is limited, it’s bigger outside than inside. Like a Tardis in reverse.

A metaphor for our lives too perhaps?  So much more to understand and experience when we look out, when we connect with the vastness of outside, to the world and all its possibilities.

Take a moment.  Go to a window and look out.  Look with fresh eyes. See something you have never seen before.  Enjoy.


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