what are you wearing today?

Looking inside you





Take a moment to look down.

Not at your clothes or shoes.

At how you’re being right now.

Maybe you’re invisible?  Is there something going on inside that can’t be seen by the outside world?  Something on your mind?  A feeling you don’t wish to share?

Maybe you’re cloaked?  Are you saying or doing something which is perceived to be right?  Maybe by your society, organisation, family, colleagues…  Maybe it’s not authentically you to say or do those things, but you feel compelled to?  For acceptance?  To avoid judgement?

Maybe you can’t see beyond what you’re wearing?  Maybe you’re not used to looking at your very humanity?  Maybe you just run on automatic?  Maybe looking, really looking, is too difficult?

Maybe you’re naked?  There as your authentic self.  Being.

Pause, take a good look.  Be curious.

Say hello to you.


Image by LittleSweetFruit


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